NDIS Support

NDIS funding provides various types of supports to enhance independence and promote inclusion in social and economic activities. People often inquire about their NDIS Plans and two common questions are: "What can I do with the funding in my NDIS plan?" and "What do these supports mean for me?"

Your NDIS Plan comprises three support budget categories, each with specific line items that outline the types of support you can access based on your goals and needs. These categories are:

  • Core Supports: These supports cover everyday activities and help you with your daily living needs. They include assistance with personal care, accessing the community, transport, consumables, and support coordination.
  • Capacity Building Supports: These supports focus on developing your skills, abilities, and independence. They are aimed at enhancing your capacity to participate in various aspects of life. Capacity building supports include support for employment, education, social and community participation, health and wellbeing, and improved living arrangements.
  • Capital Supports: Capital supports refer to larger, more expensive items that you may need to achieve your goals and enhance your independence. This category covers assistive technology, home modifications, vehicle modifications, and other one-off or ongoing expenses related to your disability.

By understanding the different types of funded supports within your NDIS Plan, you can effectively utilize your funding to maximize your independence and participation in various aspects of life.